Visio Divina

Something New on a computer screen near you!

This Lenten season, we’d like to invite you to Visio Divina CHS styleVisio Divina (Latin for ‘divine seeing’) is a method for praying with images or other media … With our culture becoming more and more visually oriented, an intentional way of praying with images is needed now more than ever. Visio Divina invites us to see at a more contemplative pace. It invites us to see all there is to see, exploring the eternity of the image. It invites us to see deeply, beyond first and second impressions, below initial ideas, judgments, or understandings. It invites us to be seen, addressed, surprised, and transformed by God who is never limited or tied to any image, but speaks through them.

Each week during Lent, we will offer various images connected to the Sunday Gospel for your prayer experience.  Find an image that ‘speaks’ to you and meditate on it. 

Steps for Visio Divina:

  • In silence – look observe details without critique
  • Allow unfiltered response to arise – thoughts, feelings, etc.
  • How do these feelings connect with your life?
  • What stirs within you? How are you being drawn to respond?
  • Has your own experience been similar to what you are seeing?

To get started, please click on the purple link below.


Visio Divina - Week 1 - Jesus is tempted in the desert

Visio Divina - Week 2 - The Transfiguration

Visio Divina - Week 3 - Jesus Cleans the Temple Area

Visio Divina - Week 4 - Nicodemous Learns Light Overcomes Darkness

Visio Divina - Week 5 - Unless the Grain of Wheat Dies