Adult Bible Study

Adult Faith Formation

Who Needs Christmas?

This 4-week study begins the week of November 22nd. The story of Jesus' birth was not what anyone expected:
a baby....born in the armpit of the Mediterranean...the save us from sins that no one thought we needed saving from.
Discover why the improbabiilty of the Christmas story is what makes it so believeable!




The Creed

This 6-week study begins the week of January 10, 2022.
Bishop Barron breaks open the Creed to help us rediscover the great intellectual and spiritual depths of
Christian doctrine and reclaim the unity, clarity, and conviction of the Christian faith.




Why Easter Matters

This 4-week study begnis the week of March 14, 2022.
We will look at some of the people whose lives intersected with Jesus in the weeks leading to his crucifixion.
Each of them had an agenda that put them at odds with God and Jesus.
As you'll see, there's a bit of them in all of us.



Student materials are $10.00/per study and you can register online, or by calling Jillian Peck 248-887-1634

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