Worship Commission


Worship Commission Mission Statement


The Worship Commission of Holy Spirit parish is an evaluating, visioning body made up of parishioners who love the liturgy. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Worship Commission of Holy Spirit parish is committed to: maintaining a joyous and loving liturgical environment; fostering a deeper understanding and participation in our communal worship, devotional prayer and perpetual adoration; and to shaping a liturgy that helps increase the numbers of disciples who join us to follow Jesus Christ.


The Worship Commission meets the third Tuesday of every other month at 7PM unless noted. The Commission may meet every month if needed.

Worship Commission members: Fr. Wayne - Pastoral Advisor, Deacon Mike - Pastoral Advisor, Bill Richart - Music Minister, Grace Sims- Co-Chair, Jennifer Clacher- Co-Chair, Marlene Moening- Art & Environment, John Komos- Ushers, Kathy Rakowski - Evangelization

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