For liturgy to function well, several components are needed.  Not only must the celebrants and ministers be prepared, good order is necessary for a peaceful celebration.  Good order is derived from the Sacrament of Holy Orders itself.  Ushers and all ministries in the Eucharist share in the ministry of Holy Orders.  The function of ushers is to help provide a welcoming atmosphere, as well as assist with seating, offertory collections, and any other need arising during the liturgy. 
Due to illness or vacations or additional Masses, more ushers are always needed to provide a full complement at every Mass.  Ushers are divided into groups assigned monthly to Masses.  Since you already attend Mass, you would be a welcome addition.  Please contact us if you are interested.   
The Ushers are coordinated through the Men's Club.  Visit their website by clicking on Organizations & Groups. 

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