2019/2020 School Year
Registration Forms
1. Print off the Registration Form
2. Mail the forms, and your payment to the Religious Education Office
Holy Spirit Church
3700 Harvey Lake Road
Highland, MI 48356

Elementary 1st grade - 5th grade
September 10th - April 15th

Tuesday Middle School Fall Session
September 10th - December 17th

Wednesday Middle School Winter Session
January 3rd - April 15th


 Elementary classes will be offered your choice of the following:

Tuesday evening          5:00 6:20

Wednesday evening      6:30 7:50

 Middle School (6th and 7th grade) will be offered your choice of ONE of the following:

 Fall         Tuesday          6:30 8:30


Winter Wednesday          6:30 8:30

 8th grade Confirmation Classes will be offered your choice of the following:

 Fall         Tuesday         6:30 8:30


Winter  Wednesday        6:30 8:30


 We will be offering Parish wide activities on Wednesday evenings throughout the year from 5:30 8:30.  We would like to begin the evening with a shared meal at 5:30, break-out into formation classes for the children and have offerings for ALL adults.  Unique prayer experiences, guest speakers, small group discussions, Adult formation topics, etc.

Registration begins July 1

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