Nursing Ministry

The mission of the Health and Nursing Ministry is to promote health and wellness for our church community. 

Our Ministry provides services in our parish community, such as:
     Blood Pressure Screening monthly
     Yearly CPR Classes
     Inservice on safety to staff
     Health articles in our Church bulletin
     Home safety visits for seniors
     Maintaining our Church A.E.D. and many other activities

We can provide a home safety visit for seniors in our Church community. This may be especially helpful after a recent hospital discharge. Proper equipment and a safe environment will prevent falls and keep you independent. Our focus is on personal safety, home fire prevention, and proper equipment needs. Call the church office at 248-887-5364 to schedule an appointment.


Healthcare volunteers are always welcomed.  Please contact the Church office @ 248.887.5364 if your wish to join us, or click on the contact us  form.
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