Foster Care Adoptive Ministry

Christmas Joy
Here are some pictures of the JOY of Christmas. The Knights Daughters made Forever Blankets for the Foster Kids so that they have something which is theirs to keep forever. There were 15 blankets made and donated. Our parish was very generous and the Foster Care Ministry was able to create many Christmas gift bags for some of the Foster Care kids in our area. It is always wonderful to see how happy the kids are when we reach out to them.

Adoption Day

November is Adoption Month and November 25 is Adoption Day here in Michigan. Today, nearly 300 Michigan children in foster care are looking for adoptive homes.

We hope that you will watch this video message from Director Maura D. Corrigan and consider the children of this great state who donít have a home to call their own.

If you are considering adoption, call Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange to talk to an adoption navigator at 1800-589-MARE or visit


Mission Statement

We are called to share our faith and resources in conformance to our mission statement of our church:
"to serve the human needs of others; and to share our faith and resources as God's family."

 HOLY SPIRIT FOSTER CARE/ADOPTIVE MINISTRY has joined churches throughout Michigan to help Foster/Adoptive families.  We are called to serve the varied human needs of children in the foster-care system as we are able.  We are open to foster children of all ages and realize that as Jesus said in Matt. 18:2-5 "He called a child over, placed it in their midst and said . . . Whoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me."

We encourage parishioners to participate in helping those in need from providing cakes for foster-care parties, to mentoring or if able to give heart and home for the care of a foster child, or foster to adopt if possible.  We assist families to navigate the state system for this end.  Our ministry is opened to being educated in understanding the lacks of foster children and helping initiate the possibilities to fill their needs.

Maureen Boyd is the Coordinator for Foster Care/Adoptive Ministry. 
How can I help the Foster Care Program?
  • Helping out agencies to make life more loving, like baking cakes for the back-to-school party, or by buying school supplies, back-packs, donating monies toward bigger purchases needed to assist children
  • Financing a medical need, cosmetic dental work, or things that are not covered by the state
  • Financing a foster student's educational aids, computer, supplies
  • Financing a foster child for camp, outside activity, dance lessons, sports or hobbies
  • Respite work (taking in children from a foster home for a rest for the foster parents on weekends)
  • Be-friender of aged out foster child (ages 18-22+) (mentoring, advising, calling, lunching, etc.)
  • Be-friender of foster child in residential setting (one hour visits working on academic goals, games)
  • Fostering one child
  • Fostering more than one child
  • Fostering to adopt.

The biggest most powerful gift of all is . . . praying for a child for the reception of the greatest love of all . . . the love of God . . .
through those who will open their hearts to one who is waiting for a forever home.
Will you take a Child's picture with brief description of them and pray for them for a forever home?  You truly
will be a blessing and in turn be blessed.  You will know they are on their way
when you cannot find their picture at
Thank you!!!!!!
We are looking for more avenues to help the 13,000 children in Foster Care in this State of Michigan.  Will you join us in brain storming to reach out to a child that has been abandoned to the State . . . The State cannot mother and father a child as God would wish.  Can you take the mission into your heart and join us by calling Maureen Boyd at 248.887.4805 or Linda Born at 985.788.1060.
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