Finance Council


Finance Council Mission Statement:
“The Parish Finance Council assists the Pastor in the administration of the temporal goods of Church of the Holy Spirit. Working closely with the Pastor and his Pastoral Council, the Finance Council helps match up mission and ministry with resources, bringing people into a closer relationship with God through His son, Jesus Christ.”


Fr. Wayne Ureel; Pastoral Advisor
Voting Members:
Bonnie McArthur; Chair
Howard Zimmerman; Vice-Chair
Tom Daratony; Member-At-Large
Tom Hagan; Member-At-Large
John Kulhavi; Member-At-Large
Carole Litzelman; Member-At-Large
Bill Metz; Member-At-Large
Triscia Pilchowski; Member-At-Large
Non-Voting Members:
Denise Godin; Secretary
Pam Glover; Bookkeeper
Jim Provost, Facilities Manager

Finance Council Meeting Schedule.
The Finance Council usually meets jointly with the Parish Pastoral Council on the third Thursday of the month at 7 pm, and then breaks into a separate meeting.

About Parish Finance Council Meetings:
Finance Council meetings are not open to the public due to the confidential nature of the discussions, especially as it relates to salaries, staff, individual giving, and other legal and human resources related matters that the Pastor may bring up to seek advice from his council.  However, if a parishioner wishes to bring a proposal or topic of discussion to the Council, he/she can contact the chair or Pastor at least one week in advance of the next PFC meeting to request for a spot on the agenda.  


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