Altar Floor

The inlaid center symbol of our altar is based on the star that is under the altar of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.  The star marks the spot that is venerated as the place where Jesus was born.  The middle of the star is an opening, into which pilgrims are able to reach down and touch bedrock of the earth.  Around the opening are inscribed in Latin the words, "Hic de Maria Virgine natus est Jesus Christus." Translated literally: "Here from the Virgin Mary was born Jesus Christ."
The star has 14 points.  In the genealogy of Jesus according to Matthew, it is written that there exist three groups of fourteen generations from Abraham to Jesus.
Our representatiion of the star is similar: 14 points; the center is not open, but presented in a wood called "purple heart," symbolizing the Heart of Jesus, beating with love for us.
Around the center of the star are inscribed the words: "Hic nobis datus est Jesus Christus."  "Here to us is given Jesus Christ."
May our senses and our spiritis be uplifted by our surroundings, and by the action of the sacred liturgy of the Mass, wherein Jesus offers Himself to the Father and to us for our salvation.
Woodworking by artisan and parishioner, James Greene.  The picture below shows how the wood was held by clamps for the glue to dry, in order to form the circle containing the star. 


The building of the Brazilian Cherry wood sanctuary floor took just 6 weeks from beginning to completion on Ash Wednesday. In the meantime, Mass continued to be offered every weekend of the 6 weeks after a massive clean-up every Friday. Daily Mass was celebrated in the gathering space, including two funerals. We are blessed!
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